What is OxygenOS? – Best Features That Make It Stand Out


Oxygen OS is a Customized Android Operating System Exclusively Designed for OnePlus Smartphones. This post explains Oxygen OS Features and how to set or enable them.


Customized in the sense that it comes with Extra Features than the Usual Android Operating System. On 1st March OnePlus OS Upgraded to Android 7.1.1 Nougat Oxygen OS with new Features like Gallery Improvements and better support for Third-Party apps.

Note: You will receive the update only if you have flashed your OnePlus On Open Beta build before.

Flash your OnePlus to get this update.

But here we will discuss the Basic Features of Oxygen OS.

OxygenOS Main Features:

  • Off-Screen Gestures
  • Dark Mode Option
  • MaxxAudio
  • Manual Camera Modes
  • Custom Icons
  • Swiftkey Keyboard
  • App Permissions

It also has the Hydrogen OS which is specifically designed for the Chinese market but let’s discuss the Oxygen Features on this post.

Off-Screen Gestures

Gestures are very handy as it is much simpler than turning the phone on and do stuff.

With just simple gestures you can do some cool things.

How to Enable Gestures?

To enable the gestures, go to the settings menu and go to Device Section, you will see Gestures and you can set all gestures that are available.

  1. If the screen is off, just double tap it to wake the phone up. 
  2. Control music by hitting two lines to play or pause. 
  3. Flip to mute the caller tone, if you are in the middle of a meeting.
  4. You can do screenshots with three fingers.
  5. The pocket mode which prevents the movement in your pocket from automatically setting up the phone settings. 

Dark Mode Option

Go to Settings, scroll down and tap on the Customization option. Next,

you are going to see a feature called Dark Mode, enable and Confirm it.

The background changes to complete black. Moreover, Having black on the background increases the battery life. in addition to that, And you can change the accent color only when you enable the Dark mode.

You can change it to any of the preset colors that are available in the settings. Having AMOLED screen OnePlus looks nicer in Dark mode.

MaxxAudio (AudioFX)

When this turn on, it Enhances the quality of the sound like Digital TV Audio. Also, You can set the presents based on your music taste.

Manual Camera Modes

The manual mode is really logically laid out and really straight forward to use.

All your options are on the right side so what you do is click on those and you will get your options.

The Options are:

  1. The manual focus, you can get actually a pinpoint focus on your photos now and you get the scene focused all the time.
  2. Short speeding
  3. iso control
  4. flash control

Custom Icons

Long Press on the home screen on an empty spot, then we need to tap on the Customize button at the bottom right.

This will bring up a card that lets us customize the gestures but if we Sweep to the left it will show us the different card there are four different cards that we can choose.

The third is for icons and by default, the OnePlus has three 3 different icon packs installed. So to change the icon pack, you just have to tap on whichever one you want and save it.

Shelf (Oxygen OS Features)

The shelf is just like the Google launcher when you are on the first screen of the home screen you can Swipe to the right to access the shelf.

It contains your frequently used applications and some widgets. You can add frequently contacted people, set a reminder and add a date and time.Shelf- Oxygen OS Features

Swiftkey Keyboard (Oxygen OS Features)

Swiftkey predicts the words and emoji are for us when we typing. Also, autocorrects wrong phrases and wrongly spelled words. Swiftkey is one of the popular keyboards in the market.

All these are Oxygen OS Features Which are Embedded in OnePlus Android Operating System. This article is about ‘What is Oxygen OS? Oxygen OS Features – OnePlus Update‘.


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