Top 7 Web Browsers Ranked From Best to Worst


The world of web-browsing is now so extensive and diverse that anyone can choose one of the many available browsers to use. At the beginning of the Internet age, there were only two main pieces of web-browsing software—Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Only one of them is still functioning. There are so many various web browsers that people are often confused about which browser to choose. You can also check out 7 Best Android Apps Everyone Needs.

Almost all modern web browsers are customizable and can download pages very fast. When it comes to rating the best browsers of our age, it is next to impossible to come up with an indisputable answer. People’s opinions differ greatly, and different features that make one browser better than the other may seem more or less important to different people. Here we have gathered the most popular and the best functioning browsers of 2020.

Top 7 Web Browsers

1. Google Chrome

One of the most popular and most downloaded web browsers is Google Chrome. The browser functions in conjunction with the ecosystem of Google and is very popular among all fans of the Google search engine. Chrome provides easy means for cross-platform browsing. The set of various apps and add-ons for Chrome is amazing. In a special menu, you can find everything you want—from simple weather apps to programs that block advertisements and spam. The Chrome Store is a vast archive of useful apps that can make your experience pleasurable and easy.

The best feature of the Google Chrome browser is the loading speed of web pages that is higher than in any other Windows browser. Fast JavaScript performance and minimalistic interface attract a large group of devoted users.

Frankly speaking, it is hard to choose the best between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, a browser that occupies the second place on our list.

2. Mozilla Firefox

All in all, Mozilla Firefox is very much akin to Chrome. Mozilla can be praised for its design and intuitive operating. It also provides a large variety of downloadable applications and, thus, is very customizable. The combination of simple design and a high level of customization makes Firefox a suitable browser for both the beginners and advanced users. The set of apps and add-ons is very similar to those that are present in Google Chrome. An obvious advantage of Mozilla is its security and privacy policy.

Like with many modern browsers,  Mozilla performs quite well and loads web pages rapidly. This browser is constantly evolving, acquiring new functions such as instant messages and built-in voice calling. Unfortunately, the browser lacks integrated Flash support.

3. Opera

Though Opera has a relatively small market share compared to such Windows giants as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it is still a high-profile browser. The browsing experience in Opera is somewhat narrower in comparison with the previous two programs. However, right after the installation Opera has every function that a beginner might need to use. During the last couple of years, Opera’s  popularity somewhat declined, yet Opera still has its devout followers.

The most important feature of this browser that places it in the third position on our list is its Turbo mode that can increase web page loading speed on slow connections. The speed dial function and the option to place icons of your favorite websites on the start screen are also a bonus. However, most other browsers now have similar features. It may be a minor disadvantage, but the absence of the reading mode can become an important minus.

4. Microsoft Edge

In 2015, Microsoft released a replacement for the browser that appeared at the beginning of the whole Internet evolution, Internet Explorer. This new browser is called Microsoft Edge. Despite being so new, it already has many users. It was designed to compliment the key functions of Windows 10.  Its only similarity to its sibling is the letter “e” used as a logo. In all other aspects, Edge is a completely different browser. The most obvious difference is the design of the program. Besides, its performance and loading speed are also rather high.

A welcome addition to Edge is its integration with the personal assistant Cortana.

Of course, the browser still has to be improved, and the developers have to constantly look for bugs,  but Microsoft promises to solve the problems in the future. Edge represents the new era of Microsoft and has a great potential.

5. Maxthon Cloud Browser

The next browser is the least known and used one on our list. The small number of users does not mean that it is a bad browser. Among all other advantages, has decent performance and HTML5 support. The browser also offers useful tools for downloading videos from web pages, taking instant screenshots, and skipping through video advertisements. Unlike Opera, Maxthon browser has different viewing modes, and you can choose the most comfortable one (e.g. night view).

The cloud services of Maxthon are convenient as you can store useful content there. The compatibility is guaranteed by the presence of two page-rendering engines. Unfortunately, the interface may seem a little crowded in comparison to more minimalistic browsers on our list. Also, the tabs are not as flexible.

6. Torch

The next browser on our list is Chrome-based. Torch differs from all other browsers by having a unique set of built-in tools. While in most browsers many useful functions are only available through add-ons or plugins, Torch has theses functions integrated from the beginning.

The interface of Torch is similar to Google Chrome. The number of Torch features is impressive; the user can download torrents, music, and videos from web pages. The games that can be played in the browser are also interesting and provide great entertainment.

7. Internet Explorer

It may be unbelievable, considering the bad reputation of Internet Explorer, but this browser has recently experienced a revival of a kind. For almost a decade, people constantly complained about Internet Explorer. Due to its poor performance, many new browsers appeared and became popular among users. This year, the new upgraded version, Internet Explorer 11, may be a pleasant surprise for all its users. A large number of people had to upgrade to the new version or choose another browser instead.

Those who stick to IE now can enjoy better performance and higher loading speed.

These are the best browsers from best to worst. If you like this article then please share it with your friends.


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