Top 5 Freelance Websites For Graphic Designers – Beginners Guide


It is easy to work from home as a graphic designer and you just need to find the right job. You’re going to need to create a portfolio, meaning some of your work that will represent your skills and quality of your work which helps your client to understand the potential of your work. This article shows you Top 5 Freelance Websites For Graphic Designers – Beginners Guide.

Keep track of your status on these sites, update your portfolio and profile, and explore new designs with better quality every day. You just never know and it’s always good to get yourself online because people are searching for these type of talented people every day.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to learn how to upgrade a good quality product a good quality design, for example, make one great design which is going to be basic and foundation for your Portfolio.

a lot of people when they are starting out they think that they really need this super-high modern portfolio with amazing works but you just need good consciousness to make the clients engage towards your portfolio and way of your creation.

Let the clients know that you are doing their project and sharing your skills just to help the brand succeed and not just for money. That’s when the magic happens and you can get even more than just a payment but a positive feedback.


Top 5 Freelance Websites For Graphic Designers




Fiverr is one of the Best freelance platforms for start-up freelancers, gigs start from 5$ to thousands, in order to get orders you have to make a gig which contains the information of the service you are going to offer, the portfolio and the price of your work.

The competition is a bit high but it’s still good enough for start-ups to get to know the work and the freelancing process.

It’s always better for Beginners to do extra work for less payment, as a Beginner, one should not care about the payment but to learn and engage in working and later it boost your sales.

This site has levels and badges for freelancers based on their sales, reviews, and Performance which is beneficial if you choose to work for the long-term basis.



For start-ups, this is a good place to get started. Moreover, it is bidding-less process, unlike other sites. Compare to some of the freelance Websites, PeoplePerHour focus on the quality of the service of the clients. In addition to that, it is always the fixed price in PeoplePerHour. People per hour has More Than 500,000 designers.

PeoplePerHour have unique ways of bringing the customers for freelancers and that is good freelance outsourcing. People per hour may not be good enough for the professional designers because recently lower bidders made the competition.



Make your portfolio, define the services you want to offer and bid on the projects. Clients open the profiles, compare it and based on their criteria, they select. They compare reviews, portfolios, and previous job experience. They either hire hourly based or for the entire project.

For better communication between client and freelancer, they have chat system where you can easily communicate and it’s compatible with mobile devices. It is one of the benefits for freelancers.


4. 99designs

99Designs is the best place for graphic designing contests, the winning price starts from 50$ to more than 500$. You can filter the competitions by price, days left and the category. But Before entering into a competition you have to submit and verify your identity by the uploading soft copy of one of your identity cards.

You get a chance to see the winner’s designs and ideas. This site is amazing for start-up freelance graphic designers.

Once you win one of the competitions, you get projects from customers. You can let other clients visit that particular project to engage them in the future for getting more projects. The more contests you win the more clients get.


5. Guru

Make a profile by defining your skills and Guru notifies you of the job that matches your skills. Guru showcases the previous work you have done for your clients to boost your proposals.

Coming to the Competition Guru has over 1.5 million global freelance users.

It has got a good interface and the layout of the freelancer’s portfolio. In addition to that, the information about the past experience and the money they made through the site. This way buyers can see the potential of a freelancer. This is one of the recommended sites for Beginners.


I have read some news about being a scam, and some people said they even lost their money on this site so it is always better to keep away from these type of sites for sure.

There are some factors you need to take into consideration before you sign up for these sites like how much money the site will take away from you once you paid after you finish the job.

And the Competition, How many freelancers and how many designers are on that site looking for the same job you looking for, so how tough it is to find the job of your potential?

The websites I mentioned in this post are the best freelance websites for beginners. Top 5 Freelance Websites For Graphic Designers – Beginners Guide.

All the Best for your freelancing career ?

Thank you ?


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