The capabilities of the Android Wear with tips and tricks: all at one place!


The has started to take the pre-orders of the first-ever Android Smartwatches from the same day that it launched them, however, the first date of shipment is decided to be July 7, which means this is the perfect idea to talk about the features and capabilities of the Operating System of the Android Smartwatches.

Let us start by recapitulating that Android Wear is Google Now for your Wrist! It is conceptualized to integrate the functionality of Google Now with notifications of your Smartphone to make the user’s experience simpler and worth glance at the same time.

If you find out more about the Android Wear other than how it works and how easy it is to navigate it, keep reading.

Set up:

The pre-requisites to use start with the Android Wear is to have an Android Smartphone running on Android 4.3 or higher and the latest version of Google Play store.

Next thing you would have to do is download the Android Wear app from the Google Play store and pair-up your Smartwatch with your device.

Once done with pairing up, change the settings on your device to permit the watch to access the notifications of the device. Once permitted, everything that would be on your device’s screen will be on your watch’s screen too.

Apart from this basic set-up there are a few other setting options such as mute app notifications, hide cards, silence connect phone. Don’t forget to go through them once you get a chance.

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The Android watch interface looks very different to the interface of your android device due to the specifically designed interface for wearables only. The OS is built for micro yet elegant interactions.

Watchface: Unlike the grid layout in the android devices, you will see a main watchface on your Android Smartwatch. The watch faces are designed to scroll through to get to the other features you wish to use.

Context Stream: From the watch face, on swiping upwards you will land yourself into the Context Stream. The context stream shows all important information cards that you can access such as notifications from Google and third-party apps. The feature got its name because it is actually contextual; as it shows the sender’s photo behind the message from which you get the message.

Notifications: Most notifications appear same as Google-Now style cards, and it is not made to be re-organized by the user (though you may dismiss it instead).  Multiple notifications will appear as stacks, and you can access to each notification by just a tap on the notification stack to watch each notification separately.

Actions: You can respond to the notifications using actions. For example, you can reply to an unread message by tapping on it and then tapping on the reply action button.

Search: This feature is what makes the Android smartwatches more tempting. You just have to give a voice command, “OK Google” to perform your searches. You can search web, send a text message, set an alarm, leave a note and many more things. You can also scroll through this page to see Settings an Start Menu.


As the launched Smartwatches are the first time ever Android Smartwatches, there is not a lot of apps for Android Wearable’s.

A few of Google Android Wearable apps include Google Now, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Keep and Google Calendar. The third party apps which were introduced at the Google I/O 2014 are: Pinterest, PayPal, Soundwave, Lyft, Eat24 and Allthecooks.


This is the general summary of what you can do with Android Smartwatch.

Before getting to know the features, just keep in mind that the company wants you to use your voice to do any task or practically access any feature using the “OK Google” app and then using voice command to perform other activities.

Productivity: Android Wear helps you get things done without caring about to catch even a glimpse of your Smartphone. You can use Android Smartwatch to take notes, make reminders, set alarms, navigate through music and many more features.

Communication:  Android Wearable help you to communicate right through your Smartwatch. You can read and reply to texts. You can also read and reply to your mails and also you can view the incoming calls and send a pre-written text to the caller in case you are not able to reply.

Travel: Android Wear helps you to get around where you want to in a smart way. You can use your Smartwatch to find a place or even check your hotel reservations or flights.

Fitness: You can also track your fitness and health data depending on your watch and its hardware.


Android Wears are abundant of gestures. Some of them are listed below and it may be noted here that there are many third-party app developers that must implement specific codes to make the gestures work flawlessly with their apps.

Basic Rule: The basics for navigation of Android Wear is-swipe left to go back, and swipe right to go forward.

Exit Apps: When done with a feature, or done viewing app and its content all you need to exit the app is-long press on display. An exit button would cover the display; tap that button to confirm the exit.

Dismiss (apps, actions and notifications): You can dismiss the content by dragging your thumb from left to right after a tap and then release it.

Access Actions: When accessing to any notification, you can access related actions by a tap on the right of the display and dragging it to the left and release it. A separate box will be followed by this operation for related actions.

Send Replies: You can also send replies by voice command or your previously choice messages. To send a message, you can navigate to the message and then select action to reply.


The list below is an overview of different tips and tricks that you can play on your Android Smartwatch.

Change Watch faces: You can change your watchface by holding down the watchface and scroll down to settings to change the watchface. You can swipe left or right to navigate and select the watchface of your choice.

View Percentage Battery: Swipe down the display while you are on watchface to see how much battery is left in your watch. With this gesture, the watch is set to mute so repeat the unmute after this gesture.

Mute: To mute the vibrations and rings of the coming notifications, just wipe down the screen while you are on watchface. You can also unmute following the same procedure.

Dim the Screen: To save the battery and dim the screen, cover the watch with your palm until it vibrates.

Stop Specific Notifications: To stop specific notifications, go to settings>mute app notifications>tap + icon>tap the app you want to block.

Start Stopwatch: Just say, OK Google> Start Stopwatch.

Silence connected Phone: If you want to silent your connected phone when your watch is connected, Open the Android wear app>Setting>tap “Silent Connected Phone” and that’s it!


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