Talk to Books with Google’s AI


Yes!! Search Engine giant, Google has launched a website named Semantic Experiences which was achieved completely using Artificial Intelligence. This initiative may serve as a useful Research tool and gives a glimpse of Machine learning applications.

Semantic Experiences makes us understand how far natural language processing could be interpreted by machine learning. This experience differs from a traditional search engine because the Scientists trained the AI to look for content based on logic responses rather than focusing on Keywords.

The website has two experiences to explore the books and to play with words and the third one, dedicated for developers to create their own experiences.

How It Works?

These experiences were approached by training the AI with billions of lines of dialogue which involve real human conversations flow, says the Google Research Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil and Product Manager Rachel Bernstein. The model can scan 100,000 books with 600 million sentences from the useful excerpts.

Once the AI is trained from the data, it predicts the responses which might most likely to follow the statement.

Let me show a simple example which I tried to find the difference between a traditional search and Talk to Books Search Box.

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What happened:

You could simply look for more passages from books by asking questions. The model looks for the most likely response that would come next in conversation. You could see the sentence shown in bold along with some of the text that appeared next to the sentence for context.

It might look a tedious approach to get the accurate results using this search box yet it might help to discover more interesting perspectives and books we may want to read.

Another Experience, Semantris which is a word association game that use the same Machine learning model.

In Semantris Arcade, When AI sorts the list, the most related words are moved to the bottom. If Flower is listed and you type rose in the space given below, Flower moves to the bottom and Voila!! you get the points.

Try to have some fun time playing the Arcade and Word Blocks or you might even be training the machine learning model with your responses. Check it out!!

This is one of the applications of Machine learning which is finding applications in more environmental issues, Fashion, Technology, and medicinal discoveries.

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