Movavi Video Editor: A Great Alternative To Windows Movie Maker


Up till very recently, Windows Movie Maker was included within the Microsoft Windows operating system in XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Although it can technically be used on Windows 10 as well it needs to be downloaded separately – but is that really ideal? Although you may be familiar with Windows Movie Maker, there are some alternatives out there that could be better – such as Movavi Video Editor.

Think of this as a Movavi Video Editor vs. Windows Movie Maker review that compares both editors side-by-side so that you can see for yourself how they stack up. That can be accomplished based on several criteria that will affect how you use the software:

  • User Interface

One of the hallmarks of Windows Movie Maker is its simple and intuitive user interface, and that is something that Movavi Video Editor is also known for. Both are intuitive, easy to navigate and have multiple language options – which makes it more or less a tie between them.

  • Input and Output Features

Both Movavi Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker support input from videos in numerous formats, but Windows Movie Maker only can save videos in MP4 or WMV – whereas Movavi Video Editor supports a massive range of formats. Additionally, Windows Movie Maker does not support 4k videos or Intel Media acceleration, causing it to fall further behind Movavi.

  • Recording Tools

Aside from loading videos that were previously recorded, you can record webcam footage and audio from a microphone using Windows Movie Maker. However, Movavi Video Editor not only allows for that, but also supports video capture via HD camcorders, and analog devices such as TV tuners or VHS players.

  • Editing Features

Make no mistake Windows Movie Maker is far from comprehensive, any only has basic editing tools to trim and split videos, stabilize footage, adjust audio automatically, zoom, pan, flip or rotate alongside a few effects, transitions and title presets. On the other hand Movavi Video Editor is a far more robust editor that has all that and includes many more effects, transitions and title presets as well as features such as audio effects, callouts, crop, automatic enhancement, and more. 

  • Price

Being freeware, Windows Movie Maker will cost absolutely nothing compared to the $39.95 for the full version of Movavi Video Editor. That being said that price is justified by the huge difference in features – as shown above.

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As you can see, Windows Movie Maker is an excellent, simple, and easy-to-use editor that will fit most basic needs. However, it pales in comparison to a full-fledged video editor like Movavi Video Editor that will give you more powerful editing features, recording options, and support a much wider range of formats. In short, if you want to create great-looking videos, it might be worth investing and making the switch.


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