How to Fix SSL Connection Error On Android Phones


SLL connection error has become a very annoying error for some users. It may happen to anyone and at any expected time. These days we all got addicted to the internet and its. If you are the one among the peoples who are facing the problem of SSL connection error, then you are at a place where you can find the solution. The most important thing that I want to say you are to keep your mobile updated. Make sure to connect to the wifi and update the mobile as soon as possible. By updating to your mobile, there are many advantages.

Your mobile performance increases and also there is a possibility of increasing the battery life. The security features get updated and help you in using your mobile for secure mobile banking. Not only that but also fixes automatically all the internal error that may result in slow performance. Okay, let’s head into the topic without wasting any more time and follow all possible ways to get rid of the SSL connection error.

SSL Connection Error Fixing (Secure Sockets Layer)

It is very basic and the first step you need to follow when you get a notice SSL connection error. Change the internet connection, for example, connects to 3g or 2gand reset all settings. By doing the reset, all the settings saved gets erased, and default settings are saved automatically.

Debug Your Internet Connection

You can also try the option of opening a different page by connecting to the 3g network or 2g network. If it works then the problem is in your wifi router or Android Wi-Fi settings. Make sure to try all possible ways before you declare it is a crucial issue. Try opening a couple of different pages to find whether the problem on your device or from the server of the site. You can even try using other devices to confirm.

If you still face SSL issues after doing all these necessary steps you need to know more in detail. Because it is something, you need to get deeper information. Don’t worry; just follow the steps that I have mentioned and one more thing you need to try by resetting the network data.

To reset the network setting, you need to go to the Backup & reset. Then next tap on the Network settings reset option. Now tap on “Reset Settings” button. You will able to see a “Reset Settings” options. At this point, you will see an option which we are looking for “network-reset”. Just tap on it to continue the rest function.

Correct the Date & Time

It could be another reason for SSL connection error. If you are not marked auto time, and date option in the settings does it now. Because whenever you turn off and on the mobile the date and time may miss matching the current location timings. Make sure to check time and date whenever you travel different places or countries network time may get changed automatically. Network provider sets the time accordingly.

To access time and date, you need to go to settings first. Then next you can able to see “Date and Time” just tap on it. At this period you can see the options saying set date or set time. If it is checked then uncheck the box and try. If it is unchecked, then test the box and try. I know these are very basics that everyone knows about it but implementing impacts the results. So just follow you get the solution out of it.

Update Outdated Apps

The one most important thing is to update the applications which are outdated. Updating applications also play a major role is fixing the SSL connection error warnings and messages. To update the apps, all you need to do is just open the Google Play store and tap the menu on left corner then go to my apps to see your list of installed applications. You can find update all apps at once, or you can choose the particular one to update.

So you select the browsers that are asking for updates and update them soon to get rid of the SSL connection error warnings.

Clear Browsing History & Caches

Another best possible way to fix the SSL bug is to remove the browsing history and caches. If you still face the problem to fix the SSL bug, then you must even try this to fix it. To clear all the browser history and cache, open the Chrome app- tap settings-under advantages tap privacy settings then clear browsing data. You have now to options to clear the browsing data you can set the period to clear the data.

At the top, you can find the “clear data from” choose the period if you want to delete whole data you can select that and proceed to clear the data. If you want to remove only from the particular date, you can even choose that.

If you are using FireFox web browser, then follow these steps to clear off the history and cache. Go to the history panel on your home screen then next select on clear browsing history. Now select ok to continue the process. I hope this may help you in solving the problem and if you still have any further problems

Swap Network Connection

There is a chance of facing the SSL connection error due to the use of public network connection. This happens just because of letting you know that the connection you are using is not safe at all. So the option we have is to switch the network and try opening the same page that you are having the problem to begin. The above solutions don’t work then you must try using the private connection of the internet. If you don’t know how to connect to the private connection then just follow the steps.

Just simply visit the settings and tap on the wifi and click more and tap the smart network switch. Then next just tap the button to turn off or ON to activate the wifi connection.

Disable Anti-Virus

As I mentioned in the above step that due to the insecure connection you may face the SLL connection error problem. The antivirus also stops from connecting to the sites which it feels like insecure. This may also result in the SLL connection error. So you can try once disabling the antivirus program you are using.

Restore your Android system

The last option is to reset the Android system. Yes! After trying all the possible ways even if you are facing the still SSL connection error then you need to restore your Android device. Don’t worry nothing will happens to your device if you restore it. But make sure that you back up the data you have on your device. Take out the memory card to avoid loss of files from your android mobile.

If you don’t know, how to reset the android device then just follow the steps carefully, Go to settings and tap on the General & backup and reset. Now tap on the factory data reset option. Tap reset the device, to continue the reset process.

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We have almost covered all the possible ways of finding the solution to solve the SLL connection error on Android mobile phones. If you guys have still any problem regarding the SSL connection bug, please let us know by commenting below we will try to help you out. Thank you for following Gacha Club.


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