How to fix phone won’t charge when plugged in


This is a very commonly asked question why the phone won’t charge when plugged in? This Problem occurs for someone after using mobile for a couple of years. If these problems happen when you have a warranty, then go to the service center without any second option. If not, continue reading to solve this major problem. Smartphones have become like one of the organs in our body. If we lost it or got damaged then we feel very bad. The pain of such satiation only can understand by another smartphone user. It doesn’t matter which smartphone we are using. Every smartphone eventually reduces performance and battery backup. This happens due to hardware or software problems.

It is very difficult to conclude that it is our mobile or charger problem. Sometimes it might go really beyond and stop working. If in some cases it gets charged and the battery backup will be very low. It may charge for some time and then stop. Okay, not to worry much or don’t go buy a mobile.

We have a few tips and tricks for you, so you can try them and succeed in solving why the phone won’t charge. Just follow the steps to solve charging problems. These steps work for all mobile phones and all android phones. Even after trying these steps, if you have still a problem while charging then you can consult the service center of a particular brand.

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Tips to fix “phone won’t charge when plugged in” problem

  • Reboot your device.
  • Change cables
  • Re-insert battery
  • Clean USB ports
  • Factory Reset
  • Replace the charging source
  • Switch charger
  • Update mobile

Reboot your device

The first and foremost thing that every individual try to do is rebooting of the mobile when the phone won’t charge. The reboot is nothing but restarting the mobile. After restarting your mobile phone once try to charge it. If it works then you solved your mobile charging problem. If not, try to charge it when mobile is off.

Try charging your mobile in both modes, if these both ways of charging is not working then jump to next step.

Change Cables

After using for a quite long time, the charger cables may get broken from inside. We can’t make out by looking from the outer side of the cable. Cable can be one of the reasons behind “mobile showing charging but not charging” or “phone won’t charge when plugged in”. Try to change the cable you are using at present and apply the step 1. If this works then no need to go for next step but in case this also fails then follow next step.

Re-insert battery

This is a very simple tip to follow, all you need to do is take your mobile battery out and re-insert. By doing this you are freeing RAM memory. If there are some applications which run background and occupy RAM memory, can also be the cause for the phone won’t charge when plugged in problems. This works most of the times if you have still a problem then don’t worry we have few more steps to try.You can also checkout What is OxygenOS?

Clean USB ports

Clean USB ports of your cable, charger and mobile phone. There are chances of forming fungus in mobile charging ports. This happens due to moisture in the area and the dust. This blocks the power to pass through the charger to the mobile battery. It might lead to the problem of not charging mobile phones or phone won’t charge when plugged in.

NOTE: Try this step and make sure don’t clean ports when mobile is on. Turn off the mobile and clean the port.

Factory Reset

Before trying this step, backup all your files if it is possible. Because once you did the factory resets then all files are wiped off from your mobile phone. Factory resets clean everything from your mobile. By doing this any junk or antivirus files which are troubling you while charging can remove. This happens when you have plenty of apps on your device and lot of sharing from other devices. While you share images, videos and other files from your friend’s mobiles then unknowingly your mobile may get affect with the virus.

Replace charger Point

This step sounds silly but why don’t we try this. If the power socket you are using to charge your smartphone and it is not working. Then there is no question of asking why my mobiles not charging. First, you go take off the adapter and plug in at another power socket.

Switch your mobile charger or battery

Change the mobile charger you are using at present. We never know when our electronic gadgets die. This happens due to power fluctuations and you are charging your mobile. There might be chances of overload on adapter leads to damage.

After using for quite long time battery gets drained. Replace the old battery with a new one and try to charge.

Update mobile

Update your mobile so the old version software gets updated and updated program may allow your mobile to charge. This is also an option for us to solve the problem smartphone not charging. Updated software functions smoothly and takes commands to work. this can help to fix “phone won’t charge when plugged in” problem.


We have mentioned all the possible ways that we can do by ourselves. Instead of getting worried and spending money without knowing the actual problem is a waste of time and money. So follow the tips mentioned above. You can try in any order these are not a step-by-step process. If you already tried turning off and removing the battery then try another.

Don’t make things more complicated by removing all mobile components by your own. Take the mobile to the nearest mobile service center and try to solve the problem. This is a common problem that happens when the USB port is rigid to supply power to mobile.

I hope this information is helpful, you can find solutions for most of the problems like this on our blog. You can bookmark the page or our blog for quick learning tech news as well as tips and tricks in solving smartphone issues.


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