Best Deck to Reach Royal Arena 7 in Clash Royale


I just found a new deck that consists of only cards from Arena 1-5 that made it extremely simple for me to reach Legendary Arena 8 (3,000+ Trophies) and am very excited to share it with you! I had used the Princess and Pekka Deck and kept getting stuck around 2,800 trophies. I kept losing to these decks with a bunch of common cards and hogs and was about to throw my phone at the wall trying to get a good Pekka push going. I decided that if you can’t beat them, join them and developed this deck. It will take a bit of getting used to the play style, but I have had multiple clan mates jump hundreds of trophies by adopting this strategy.

I am level 8 with the common cards in my deck level 9, the rares are 6, and epics are 3. Since this is a very common card focused deck, every level that you get on them helps drastically. I was floating between 2600-2800 trophies for a week or so while I was getting the hang of this deck, and the day that I got my Goblins and Spear Goblins from level 8 to level 9 I went from 2850 past 3000 without losing a match. The health upgrade on these common cards are what make a huge impact, as level 8 towers took 3 shots to kill my Goblins now when it was only 2 before.

The Deck

This is about version 6 of my deck, but I have finally found a composition that works well against any opponent. This deck has a counter to everything, so once you get used to the troops and their roles you shouldn’t have any problems reaching Arena 7.

  • Goblin – I was a very late adopter to Goblins and am glad that I finally put them in my deck. I didn’t even consider them until an opponent took down one of my towers from full to dead with only goblins and a freeze. Now I can’t leave home without them. At 2 elixir they are a steal to defend from tanky units, defend from hog rushes, etc and turning that into a push.
  • Spear Goblin – I like spear goblins because they are 2 elixir and are very versatile. Their range allows them to compliment any of your other troops and provide some extra damage against their tower. They are also your only defense against Dragon and Balloon, so be careful to not waste them if you are up against any of those.
  • Barbarian – Barbarians are a great card if you are good at paying attention to what your opponent has in their deck to counter them. There are a lot of hard counters to barbarians that will put you at an elixir disadvantage, so you need to pay attention to what cards they are placing and drop your barbs as soon as they waste that counter card on something else. An example would be if you are playing against somebody with Fireball in their deck, you can watch for them to use fireball on something stupid like taking damage out of your bomb tower then drop your barbs at the bridge with some goblins behind it and probably take out a tower.
  • Hog Rider – I think Hog Rider should be a staple in every deck. For 4 elixir he helps clear out the defensive building cards that they place, and if he has a clear shot at the tower you can back him up with either goblin card and take it down quickly. Always be ready with your Zap when your hog is at the tower, as you can kill any low hp card they place to counter, stun the tower and whatever else is there for a second, and reset the tower’s attack target for 2 elixir.
  • Zap – Zap is another card that I was late to the party with, but it is a spectacular card to have in your deck. The low elixir cost makes it so you will have it ready by the time that your troops reach their tower to destroy any low hp units they drop and stun everything in the range for 1 second.It is also amazing to defend your Bomb tower or Crown tower from a hog/goblin push because it will destroy the goblins and stun the hog long enough to get a couple tower hits off. With that you defend from a 6+ elixir push with your bomb tower intact for 2 elixir. Zap is also great for defending from a Minion Horde that is trying to attack your Bomb Tower because it will bring them all to a sliver of health and the 2 towers attacking them will destroy the horde before they get any attacks off.

  • Arrows – Arrows are necessary because it is really your only reliable defense against Minion Hordes and Princess. If you are against a Minion Horde, save arrows for them! Zap is good if the horde is dropped by themselves and your Crown Tower isn’t occupied, but if your tower is locked on another target then the Minions will stay alive and take you down.You have to be careful with Princess because a lot of players use her to draw out your Arrows, then will drop their Minion Horde. If they only have Princess and no Minions in the deck then use the arrows on her and damage their tower as soon as your opponent drops them.

  • Bomb Tower – Bomb Tower is pretty much the backbone of this deck. It will defend from pretty much any ground attack that they throw your way with minimal support. This is the card that I try and prioritize over any other during the match. If you always have your Bomb tower up then you can focus on putting pressure on their towers and not worry about them dropping a hog or prince or something and taking yours easy. Bomb Tower is spectacular against Mortar decks, because you can drop it right after they place their mortar and tank all of the mortar attacks. By the time they get back to the mortar in their deck you will have your bomb tower back, so rinse and repeat.
  • Freeze – Freeze is amazing because it makes it possible for you to take their tower if you are able to get a group of your troops in attacking range of it. You can lock up whatever they sent to defend, kill it, and take the tower down during 1 freeze a lot of the times.I also use freeze to defend against those Pekka or Golem huge elixir cost push decks. You let the Pekka or Golem walk towards your bomb tower and drop Barbarians and/or Goblins on top of the troops that they have supporting the Pekka/Golem and freeze the whole group. Barbs and Goblins will take out all of their support like wizards, musketeers, princess, etc and then they will move onto the Pekka or Golem and take them out as well. Overall extremely versatile card.

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How to Develop the Winning Mindset

  • Work Both Lanes!With this deck it relies on constant pressure from both lanes. It is very hard for a lot of decks to defend a Barbarian and Goblin push in one lane and a Hog and Spear Goblin push in the other at the same time. If I get that draw on my first hand, that is my go-to opening move. You will take a good chunk out of both of their towers and possibly grab a crown if they over commit their defense on one lane. You need to take advantage of your low elixir cost units and keep them on defense the whole match. Your Bomb Tower, Zap, or Arrows will be able to defend from whatever they are able to send as a push, because you will never give them enough downtime to get any decent push started.

  • Limit Your Playing Time to 3 Battles Per SessionFrom what I have noticed and what has been reported on reddit and other websites is that the game works against you if you are playing too many matches in a row. It will keep matching you with similar decks to what you have lost to after about 5 matches, because they know you will keep playing to get back up there.

    What I have started doing is just playing 3 matches, win or lose, then taking a 5-10 minute break to reset my play time. With this strategy, I usually win more than I lose in those 3 games and move up trophies pretty quickly.


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