5 Best Bitcoin Apps for iOS


Bitcoin is the biggest digital currency which is an innovative payment system and a new kind of money these days. More and more people are using it for online shopping and various other activities. It is also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market today. You are definitely looking the apps for iOS to keep it safe, allow you to send and receive the Bitcoin securely and utilize it in a better way. Here is the list of five best Bitcoin apps for iOS.

  1. Bitcoin Checkout

You all might be familiar with Bit-pay as it is one of the biggest payment websites. Now they have launched an app Bitcoin checkout to send and receive Bitcoin payments. If you’re new to the Bitcoin world then this is the right app for you to perform the transactions securely. This app is flexible and includes features such as multi-employer checkout, simple tip reporting. It also has the matching order Ids entered from another point of sale system and provides an option for screen tipping.

  1. Bitmap

It is important to know that whether the nearby area accepts the Bitcoin payments or not. Suppose you go to a departmental store and start paying it but actually they don’t accept the payments. Hence you should know that where you have to pay by cash or transact through Bitcoin. Here the role of Bitmap app comes into play; it lets you know the places that accept it. Every day some or the other businesses start accepting it so those places are added to the open street database. This app sends the notifications whenever you’re near to Bitcoin Business.

  1. Blockchain

It is a wallet that is used to send and receive the Bitcoins. It works on the principle of QR code which you can point towards the camera for receiving and sending the Bitcoins. There are 22 currencies which are available in this app. It also allows you to find the merchants near you who accept these payments. There is a peace of mind as you are the only one who has access to your Bitcoins.  It is one of the most secure wallets available for using and storing it in an easy way. There is an advanced two-factor authentication for the protection. Also check: Apps which is very important for your phone.

  1. Copay

Copay is made by Bitpay, the best payment processor. It is a secured Bitcoin wallet which secures the funds and allows sharing it with friends and family. This is highly secured for sending and receiving currencies. There are devices based on security in the app as all private keys are stored locally. It uses the payment protocol and verifies the payment to go to the right place. Copay supports testnet wallets. The best thing about this app is it allows separating the money and utilizing for personal or business purposes.  It is the free source software that doesn’t rely on others for providing continuous support.

  1. CoinCap

Coincap helps in keeping the value of cryptocurrencies on top including Bitcoin. You can create atfolios keeping track of your cryptocurrencies and provide the information when there is a change in the price in real time. There are alert managers that provide you the push notifications on daily, weekly or monthly basis whenever prices rise or fall. You can easily exchange the coins with native ShapeShift integration. To keep your information private a passcode and touch ID feature are available. You don’t need to sign up and still, you can keep the status of your cryptocurrencies easily and quickly.

These are the five best Bitcoin apps for iOS you must have. Download these apps today and start utilizing Bitcoin in a better way than ever before.

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