Android Stock ROM – Why You Need It


The term ROM in the context of mobile phones means firmware or basic operating software. This means that when you install a new ROM in your smart-phone it is similar to installing a fresh operating system in your laptop or desktop. Android happens to be an open-source software and developers are forever changing its code in order to add new products – apps in this case – into the mix. They can add new features such as changing the home screen or making the system more stable. This is called stock ROM. They can also customize it. This is called Custom ROM.

Why should you choose stock ROM?

There are some good reasons as to why you should choose stock ROM in the first place. These are basically the default options in the smart-phones and tablets that you are buying. In spite of being stock in name, companies do customize them to an extent in order to make sure that the features and the overall look stand out from other brands that are competing with them.


Warranty is a major reason as to why you should choose stock ROMs in the first place. In fact, a lot of people do not prefer custom ROMs because they do not come with the warranty that the stock versions do. Most of the companies that offer Android smart-phones actually warn you from rooting your phones and installing custom ROMs. Once you do so, then the warranty of those phones becomes null and void.

Top-class apps

This is also a major benefit of choosing stock ROMs. These systems are full of apps that have been created by said companies in order to catch your attention. The list can include things such as music players, live wallpapers, and widgets. These high-quality apps are there to make sure that you have commendable experience in using the phone. No two mobile vendors make these apps the same way and at times they differ with respect to models of phone as well. Better the app, costlier is the phone.

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Best features

This is a major reason as well for you to go for Android stock ROMs. Even in its original form Android happens to be a cool option but smart-phone makers never really think like that. They are always busy attempting to make them better with respect to areas such as looks and features. The stock ROMs normally have the high-class features that can really make it worth your while. You will not get them in custom ROMs – at least not for free like the way you get in the stock ROMs. These features are inclusive of customized home screens, app drawers, and launchers.

Trust and security

The Android operating systems being marketed by reputable companies can always be trusted. You can always be sure that it does not have features such as backdoor, spyware, malware, or any other malicious tool for that matter. This however does not mean that custom ROMs cannot be trusted but privacy and security are always major issues for many people who buy smart-phones.


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